Track and Manage your fleet operations with FleetPlus, an all-in-one management software for fleets of all sizes.


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Real-time Tracking

Know where your vehicles and drivers are, anytime, anywhere for more efficient and cost-effective business operations.

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Historical Playback

Watch a visual display of vehicle and driver activity from start-up to shut down. Look at any date to monitor your drivers' activity.

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Report & Analytics

Fleet Analytic reporting tools enabling managers to view Detailed reports to get the answers every fleet manager should have.

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Allows you to easily set geographic boundaries, then receive automated alerts when a vehicle enters or leaves those boundaries.

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Engine Immobilizer

Gives you the power to disable and enable the engine on any vehicle to prevent theft or misuse of your vehicles.

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All-in-One Platform

Track your vehicles on desktop, mobile, or tablet, giving you easy access to manage your fleet anywhere, anytime.

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Vehicles in the fleet can be driven by different drivers, according to their availability. Know immediately when drivers change, so that you can coordinate and register the trips executed by each driver.

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Temperature Sensor

Monitor the temperature of your frozen goods when your fleet is on the move. This provides you with excellent inventory management to ensure that your goods are always delivered at optimal quality.


Under the ICV Scheme, Singapore SMEs can receive a $5,000 grant for Fleet Management Solutions from SPRING to improve their business!

At FleetPlus, we will help you to check your eligibility! Simply contact us and we will offer a free consultation to improve your fleet operations!