About Us

Who we are


FleetPlus's mission is to help organizations track, analyze, and improve their fleet operations.

About Us

We understand that fleet operations are complex and difficult to manage, which is why ever since our inception, we have helped hundreds of organizations in Singapore to track, analyze and improve their fleet operations. With our expertise, we help companies to ensure that their drivers drive safely and efficiently, vehicles are well maintained, and fleet operations are optimized to maximise returns. We also aim to constantly update and improve our products and services to ensure that our existing and potential clients have the best program to mange their fleets with.

Our Philosophy

  • Collaborative

    We work closely with our clients to ensure that business objectives are met, and to always create value for our clients and their stakeholders.

  • Comprehensive

    An all in one platform for fleet operations, while reducing complexity and not adding to it.

  • Continual Innovation

    We believe in constant innovation, constant updates to our software as well as new products and services to provide value to our clients.

Clients & Projects